Our Features about SAT
  1. Experts developed

    KBTestprep was founded by the professional software developer and teachers who felt that effective technology could improve students' standardized test performance. It is superior to anything else on the market.

  2. Self-Directed Learning

    Our goal is to allow students in the class to work with self-directed activities while other students can receive individual attention from the teacher. As young students, they can start with reading materials and mathematical questions.

    "Of Teachers, For Teachers, by Teachers"

    Our teacher focus still makes us unique today. Our employees and content creators are current or former teachers, so we know what it takes to keep students engaged and on track day after day.

  3. Our Methodology

    Key Bridge Test prep study programs are proved by thousands of students in USA. The new students just copy the previous students' success.

    We don't waste your time teaching you basic concepts you already know in a classroom setting. Instead, you immediately take practice tests under timed conditions, grade your answers, and review the questions you missed or skipped with expert instruction. Repeat the incorrect questions often. We adaptively recommend and provide subject lessons for review based on your practice test performance. Not every questions will be reviewed, but all your incorrect questions will be reviewed to make sure you are totally understand the important subject. Time and time again, our experience has proven if you follow these steps, your score will increase guaranteed.

  4. Test contents:

    Each test is followed exactly with the official guided common core standards and test format.

    We have developed the industry's best question database to eliminate repetitive questions and proudly offer the highest quality educational content. Higher score is guaranteed or money back.

    Free Response Questions Our SAT and ACT prep practice test questions include the Reading and Math sections, which go beyond multiple choice to assess a student deeper understanding of a topic.

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Section 1
(65 minutes, 52 Questions)
Section 2
Writing and Language
(35 minutes, 44 Questions)
Section 3
Math A - No Calculator
(25 minutes, 20 Questions)
Section 4
Math B - With Calculator
(55 minutes, 38 questions)
KB115ReadingWritingMath AMath BReport
KB116ReadingWritingMath AMath BReport
KB120ReadingWritingMath AMath BReport
KB118ReadingWritingMath AMath BReport